Command-line interfaceΒΆ

django-ca provides a complete command-line interface for all functionality. It is implemented as subcommands of Djangos script. You can use it for all certificate management operations, and Certificate authority management is only possible via the command-line interface for security reasons.

In general, run without any parameters for available subcommands:

$ python



Remember to use the virtualenv if you installed django-ca in one.

Execute <subcommand> -h to get help on the subcommand. subcommands for certificate authority management:

Command Description
dump_ca Write the CA certificate to a file.
edit_ca Edit an existing certificate authority.
init_ca Create a new certificate authority.
list_cas List currently configured certificate authorities.
view_ca View details of a certificate authority. subcommands for certificate management:

Command Description
cert_watchers Add/remove addresses to be notified of an expiring certificate.
dump_cert Dump a certificate to a file.
list_certs List all certificates.
notify_expiring_certs Send notifications about expiring certificates to watchers.
revoke_cert Revoke a certificate.
sign_cert Sign a certificate.
view_cert View a certificate.

Miscellaneous subcommands:

Command Description
dump_crl Write the certificate revocation list (CRL), see Host a Certificate Revokation List (CRL).
dump_ocsp_index Write an OCSP index file, see Run a OCSP responder.